Hi everybody!

It's been quite busy with college apps, so I haven't been up to speed on updating the site. However, after reviewing the poll results, I am planning to add in AP Chemistry notes within the next month or so, depending on how college apps go, lol. The notes will target Zumdahl 7th Edition books and perhaps 8th edition as well.

For now,

The bandwidth issues will hopefully be resolved with the addition of a secondary host. The next fix will be dedicated to the 8E Powerpoints.
I am resuming updates on the website. The revamped AP Docs website will mainly use flash for faster loading times. Additionally, it will feature one page for the majority of the content so users can access all content rapidly. Unfortunately, some of the download links were deleted due to inactivity. I will re-upload these files later on Box.net

@ Howard: Those practice tests do not have answer keys.

-Joseph Shui
Well, the school year has ended-- so has the updates to our website. Never fear! We will return again in the form of some other subject-- if we have time :P
Wrapping up our updates on the website. We will continue to add in content whenever we come across it. Enjoy and learn something. :) Happy browsing!
We're still running tests on the AP Bio Quickbar for our header. We'll have it up soon. Make sure you have flash!

Flash header is nearly done, we're in the process of putting in links and etc.
Yeah, so we moved the updates page to our hidden update blog. Anyways, we're putting our recent news here for now so excuse the differences in the posting dates.

Monday, March 7
Added some new content. Namely two practice exams with answer keys. The preview file option does not work yet but we'll have it up soon. *EDIT* Previews are now working.

AP Biology Practice Tests 2

Friday, February 27
We apologize for any inconveniences caused by the recent downtime of our domain. The domain set up has been re-done and all should be well now. 
We are returning to our original URL:

We've added some new resources to compensate for our downtime. :)

AP Biology Practice Tests
Everything seems to be on track. Hopefully I will be able to finalize the website by the end of the week and publicize it next week.


-Added in a LOT more stuff, (too lazy to keep track)
-Fixed descriptions of some of the resources
It's about time that we started adding some of our resources :)

-Added in 8e Study Guides
-Added in 5e Study Guides
-Added in 7e Study Guides
-Added in Concept Outline
-Added in Misc. page and content
-Added content for useful CD
-Added in Powerpoints page and files
-Created working rating system that will be implemented sometime soon :)